Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Hello, friends.

This weekend has been a bundle of emotions for me.

Why? You ask.

Because this weekend is move-in weekend for my alma mater. I miss not being on campus and seeing all my friends this weekend. My best friends from college did not move back to school and we cannot hang out all weekend long to catch up. Instead, they are at their home and I am at my home and we have to plan weeks in advance when we can get together.

So while that is bitter, there is some sweetness to this weekend. I have gotten to spend tons of time with my family. I LOVE IT!! I got to go to my first high school football game in three years. That, my friends, is way too long. I vow to never go three years without seeing a high school football game ever again. I had a blast cheering my high school team on Friday. Unfortunately, they lost. But, there's always next week!

So, I got to see my family on Friday because of the football game. Then, Saturday, I helped my parents move some of their belongings to the new house. So we had more family time on Saturday. Woot woot!

And, today, I am going to see the family for my mom's birthday party. I feel so incredibly blessed to live so close to family. I love that they are close enough for me to see them any time I want to see them.

This weekend has been a great weekend, for sure.


Also, this weekend, my husband, cousin, and I have been working on getting our Etsy shop up online. It finally happened. If you want to get to our shop, then click on the shop page under the banner. More items are planning on being added, shortly.

This is just one of the items that we are selling in our shop. Check out the "Shop" page to see more!

Have a great Labor day!

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