about me

i am first a daughter of Christ.  i love to pursue God with my heart and seek his will.

i was born and raised in indiana.  i love this place.

i am a daughter and sister.  i am engaged to an amazing man. and, i am senior in college.

i love people and conversation.  my favorite thing in the world is sit down and just talk with people.  i love to travel.  my favorite place, besides indiana, is russia.  i love to craft, but have a hard time finishing what i start. i love coffee, but drink tea more...meaning that i love tea as well.  basically if it is in a mug i love it...so that means yes, i do love hot chocolate too.  i try to quote gilmore girls at least once a day. during basketball season, i will wear an iu shirt once a week.

God has placed a burden on my heart for adoption and orphans. it is my passion in life to help those who are adopting or have adopted. i have not adopted, but family is something that is very important to me. i believe that every child deserves a loving family. thus, i use my passion and burden to aid those who are going through the adoption process or have already adopted.

want to know anything more about me, just email. like i said, i love connecting with people.


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