Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello friends.

McCall over at Finding Our Way ( has this great fundraiser going on for her family's adoption.

If you are a blogger and you're looking for a way to grow your blog, this is a great opportunity! Today is that last day for the fundraiser to go to it today.

They are a great family who is following God's call in their life to adopt.

The Aldridge family (McCall, Lee, and their two girls) are my July family, so stayed tuned for their story.

Now, I know that fundraising can be a bit of a touchy subject, but I do want to say a few things.

We are all called, as God's children, to orphan care. We must help the needs of the widows and orphans. Jesus tells us this time and time again. We may not all here the call to adopt. But we must all take action to take care of the least of these.

This fundraiser is only donating $5. Just $5 can help a family go through the process of adopting. Please think about helping this family. They are so amazing!

simply love.

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