Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Aldridge Family

The call to adopt came to McCall Aldridge several years ago.

After viewing a Youtube video about adoption, she knew that she had to adopt from Africa. However, the timing wasn't right. She had just found out she was pregnant, and thoughts of adoption had to be pushed away as she prepared for her little one.

Instead she started getting heavily involved in raising support for individuals going to Africa or support for organizations that help Africa in various sorts of ways.

McCall's heart had a huge soft spot for Africa.

Two years later, McCall and her husband Lee had the opportunity to go to Uganda on a missions trip. By the time they had to leave, they knew it wasn't enough. They knew the time was coming that they needed to adopt.

In the midst of this, McCall quit her job as a teacher and started working for a non-profit organization that helps Africa.

McCall and Lee felt that they needed to adopt a little girl from Africa and from there choosing the country seemed to be easy. They knew they had to adopt a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Girls living in Congo have a very hard life. Many are not given the chance to live life as a free woman.

McCall and Lee knew that God was calling them to adopt their little girl from Congo.

Right now, the Aldridge family just finished their first home study visit. They are very excited about the process, but also very much anticipating the day they get to meet their little girl.

McCall has been able to connect with my many adopting mothers through blogging and Facebook. This connection with other mothers has helped her in many ways. Having others who understand her heart has been so important. This is the biggest thing going on in her life right now, and having others who understand the time consumption of adoption walking beside her helps make the process easier.

Now that McCall is going through the adoption process, she has some words of advice. She would like all people out there to know that you don't have to have it all together to adopt.

Before the adoption process, she thought that all people adopting were super parents and had it all figured out. She herself thought she had to be supermom first before she could begin adopting.

However, God has shown her that adopting a child doesn't require a person to have it all together. It takes a willing heart and reliance on God.

McCall wisely says, "I would hate to have someone with a huge heart feel God's call to get scared off because they are playing the comparison game. I was so guilty of this."

Yet the way the Aldridge's see adoption is that God has created their daughter for the purpose of her being adopted. They must be willing to accept that call and take action.

"We are just answering God's cal of adopting the girl that God has made for us," explains McCall.

The Aldridge's just finished a fundraiser on McCall's blog. They have been successful in raising funds, but they know they have a long way to go. They are trusting God and know that He will work it all out- even if it is not in their time frame. The key for them is to take it one step at a time.

"I would hate  to think that people would say no to adoption because of money. God is so much bigger!"

The Aldridge family has been selling t-shirts and are continuing to sell t-shirts to help raise money for their adoption. Check out this video that McCall made for the t-shirt fundraiser!

To keep update with the Aldridge family adoption, McCall's blog is leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com.

The Aldridge's are an amazing family filled with love and a huge heart for God.

Please lift them up in prayer as they adopt their little girl from the Congo. When their next fundraiser comes up, I will be posting about it to keep you all updated.

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