Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Schmidt Family

Walking into the house of the Schmidts, the fragrance of cakes baking in the oven will meet you. The sight before you is a couple very much in love with each other. Pictures of the couple and their two children decorate the walls. Hand drawn pictures from their children cover the front of the refrigerator.

From the outside looking in, this family seems to have it all. A cute house, two kids, and a dog.

Yet, this family is not complete. They have heard the call from God to adopt and are awaiting for their two babies from Ethiopia to come home.

When Kyle and Brittani were thinking about starting a family, adoption was never on their radar.

After having two beautiful children, the couple was met with some challenges. The Schmidts third child, Elijah, lived for only 73 minutes. After this, Brittani got pregnant again but miscarried.

With all this pain and hurting, Kyle and Brittani were experiencing a low time in their life. There were days when they had to totally rely on God to get them through this time. They did not know if they could go on.

It was during this season that God became real to the couple. Because of their total dependence of God in their life, they were able to experience God in a way that they have never known before this time.

The desire to carry and have a newborn child was taken away from Brittani during this time. She no longer felt the need to carry any more children, but she felt God beginning to open the door for their family to adopt.

While Brittani was experiencing this, Kyle was still grieving and hesitant about adopting.

Brittani became passionate and burdened by adoption. God was telling her to pursue adoption, but she knew Kyle wasn't ready. It wasn't until Brittani told Kyle how physically and emotionally she could no longer carry children that Kyle realized how deeply passionate his wife was about adopting. By January, the couple had come to the decision that they would adopt.

The Schmidts say that because of their season of dependence on God when they lost two children, they are able to totally trust God with this adoption. Earlier in their marriage they said they did not know how to fully understand how to trust God..

Kyle comments that "they always had put a box on God but because of Elijah and the process of adoption that box has been blown away."

Because of their life events, Kyle and Brittani have watched a change happen in their lives. They can see God's hand in everything. They have become more outwardly focused and have begun to share more.

They see adoption has one avenue where they can share their faith with others.

Part of watching God perform miracles in their life is with the fundraising that they have had to do in order to adopt. When they decided to adopt they asked God to provide financially in order for the adoption to happen.

The fundraisers that the family have done so far have been very successful, but they are just in the beginning stages of adoption.

Please consider helping out the Schmidts with their next fundraiser. It is June 1 for their Portrait Party fundraiser. Mama Bates Photography is having 30 minute photography sessions for only $50! Go get your picture taken and help bring these babies home to their family! It is at Matter Park in Marion, IN. It starts at 11:00am.

If you are interested in participating in the Portrait Party email Brittani at brittanischmidt@yahoo.com

Lift the Schmidts up in prayer as they prepare their family to bring home their two children.

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