Monday, May 13, 2013

and let the change begin.

Well here it is. The thing that I have both been dreading and looking forward to for the past 4 years.
Two of the greatest people I know. I can't believe that we are going to be across the country now =(

My very last move-out day of college.

I have absolutely loved these past four years. I have made such great friends, I have learned so much, and I have grown in so many areas in my life.

I just can't believe that it is over.

This summer is going to bring so much change. In 31 days, I am getting married. I not only graduated from college, but I will also become a wife.

These things are great, and I am so excited that they are happening. But, I have to admit that I do not handle change very well. As much as I try, I just struggle with change. Thus, naturally on a day like today when one chapter of my life has now closed, I am crying every five minutes.

In other news, my fiance finished the video that we did for the Begg family. It is super great! I love it! Check out his Facebook page: Trevor Clark Digital Media. It's called Isaiah. Enjoy!

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