Friday, January 18, 2013

new beginnings

true to my word to blog more....i back writing once again.

God has been speaking to my heart in so many ways, and i am just so excited about it all that i want to write it all down before this amazing feeling goes away.

i subscribe to a blog newsletter that helps women who feel God calling them to use their blog as a ministry. it is called The Influence Network and if i were not a poor college student i would be a member. but seeing as my income gets put away to paying off school and getting ready to be on my own, i just can't fit it into the budget. which sucks because i really want to be a part of this network....

whoa whoa whoa dana....let's stop this pity party now!

if you read my last post you know that God has been showing me the way that he wants to use me in the future. i was praying about it yesterday and i realized that i already have this passion and burden for families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting and that with this passion i can help others. i can help them fundraise, help them through prayer, help them by just telling their stories. now this may be something that seems very sudden and you might be asking dana...where did this come from?

i am going to blog about the story of how God has placed a burden for orphans and adoption on to my heart this weekend. so be sure to come back and check that out.

this is a sneak preview at how i became passionate about adoption

also, i am going to add a new page to the blog. this is where i will be telling stories of families who have adopted, are in the middle of adopting, or fundraising. my dream is for this to be a place where readers can go and pray for these families.

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Ami said...

I am so excited for you, Dana! Thank you so much for sharing our story. You have been a REAL encouragement to me, and I know God put you in my path for a reason. :) Loved meeting you! I pray that your passion will be used for Him. Always.