Thursday, January 17, 2013

let me tell you a story.

as i have said before, i am a senior in college.

i am also planning my wedding to the most incredible man on earth. i hate to use both as excuses, but this is legit...i have been super busy lately. it is a little ironic that my new year's resolution is to blog more, yet it is january 17 and i am just beginning this resolution....i'll work on this.

i just wanted to share what's new in the life of dana.

God has been working in amazing ways in my life. let me tell you about it...

since before my junior year of college i have wanted to pursue a career in residence life.  last semester i started to doubt that choice. i had no reason for the doubt but something inside of me didn't feel settled when i discussed pursuing res life after college.

a few weeks before the semester was over, God gave me a vision of me doing documentary work. now here's what you need to know....while i am a communication major...i am not one of those communication major who wants to do media. i literally do not know how to run my camera correctly, let alone know how to do video and when people start talking about lighting, i will get this pit of nerves forming in my stomach.

so when i got this vision, which is very rare for me by the way. i am not usually the person to receive visions, so it startled me. i prayed about it, but ultimately because i did not know what to do about it, i just put it on the back burner.

i went home for christmas break and continued to have doubts about residence life, but i was in the security of my own home and decided not to think too much about it.

i get back to school and i am pumped to finish this semester with a bang. last week...the first week of classes...was a blast. i hung out with friends, i was super excited for my classes...i was loving life.

i was in a conversation with a friend and she was telling me that she prayed for God to open or close doors for her upcoming senior year, and He did.

i said to myself...."dana, when was the last time that you prayed about your future? you have been having this dream about doing res life, but have you committed the decision to prayer?" at that moment i felt so convicted to begin praying about my future career.

i asked God to open any doors or close any doors.

on sunday, i was at church and our pastor started delivering a sermon on "what if we completely surrendered our lives over to God" now this is something that i had heard before, but i could feel God moving in church and my heart was open to what He was trying to say to me.

during the message, my pastor said,

"God has called you to something bigger than you."

this was my door closing to res life. i know that if i would have pursed a career in res life, i would be comfortable and it would not be something outside of my comfort zone. i love working with people and i love working with college students, but i am doing that right now. i felt God calling me to move on and to let this season pass.

then during prayer, God spoke to me and gave a dream so much bigger than could come from me. he once again showed me that vision of doing documentary work.

now, i am a little nervous about this vision and my future. but i do not fear, for i know that God would not give me this dream and then not support me. i know that he is holding me in his hands, and i do not need to worry.

i am so thankful for the loving God that I serve. praise be to God.

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