Friday, December 21, 2012

christmas surprise

so the fiance and i did our christmas exchange on wednesday.

why do we do it early?

because we so many christmases to go to this year, and christmas eve eve (dec. 23), christmas eve, and christmas are so super busy for us with family christmases. so in order for us to have alone time and do christmas with just each other, we must have christmas a week early.

so i super pumped to give him his gift. i splurged and got him his favorite football players jersey...brian urlacher. yeah, i know, this colts fan is marrying a bears fan. it could be worse, he could be a patriots fan.

anyways, he loved his gift, but was even more excited to give me my gift.

so i open up a box with an iu sweatshirt in it, and i was all like "yesssss!" because i love getting iu gear. and he was like why don't you put it on.

so as i was getting ready to put it on, i noticed that the tags were stuck in the pocket on front, so i pulled out the tags....except they weren't tags...they were tickets to the iu game that night!!!!

these beauties were hanging out in the hoodie pocket
i was so pumped!! 

here's the thing, as big of a hoosier fan that i am, i have never had the opportunity to see iu play before. my parents went to many games when they were younger, but four kids later and we just couldn't make it down. i had tried to go to a game the past couple of years, but with my softball schedule it just wouldn't work out. so this was my first time going to assembly hall and seeing the hoosiers play live.

needless to say, i was excited.

so, we made the trek down to bloomington and ate at this great mom and pop wings joint. and, i had my favorite jerk sauce on my wings-  rasta jerk is what they call it, but at bdubs it's caribbean jerk.

refocus dana, the game.

stepping into assembly was great. i have to admit, i was in a little bit of shock. the fiance thought i wasn't enjoying myself because i was void of all emotion. i forgot to mention that when i got the tickets i jumped up and down and cried...haha. where was i,

oh right, assembly hall.

i love it. definitely, now in my top ten favorite places on earth.

this is our view from our seats

the game was great. it was a blowout. cody zellers had a great game with three great dunks! christian watford was red hot, as was will sheehy. come to think of it, the whole team did great.  such an amazing game.

the lovely national championship to see it...hoping to add one this year 

warm ups

the lovely gym at a lower level

team huddle....just warms my heart

the fiance and him!

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