Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i made it

so it's been a while since i last blogged. the reason one might ask?


and the week before finals.

this semester, finals week did not actually suck for me. the week before did. however, never you fear, i survived both.

during finals week, i managed to meet up with all my friends (more like a handful of friends) before we all headed our separate ways, make two scarves, decorate a bag for a christmas project, clean my room, oh and take some finals. haha.

i love school, but this semester was the first semester without any major courses and i did not like it. i know i know, i am a huge, super nerd, but i don't really care. i love school and i love learning.

i have officially been home for three days. i have managed to totally veg out and catch up on some of my fave shows: modern family, elementary, and castle. 

saturday was totally a bummer watching my hoosiers lose to butler. i wish i had my camera out for this because at one point my dad, my sister, and i were all standing up yelling at the tv...yeah we love the hoosiers...a lot.

yesterday, the fiance and i registered! it was so much fun, but so super exhausting. the entire car ride back we were silent, which is very rare because i am a talker. but i was so tired that i couldn't utter a word. i just sat there. and well, he is not much of a talker and usually just listens haha. but we had fun picking out things for our place. 

having registered makes things feel more real. like yeah, i am getting married in less than six months! where is the time going?!

any who,

i am now sitting in the library (what?!) yeah i know, i'm the nerd who is working on her senior project over christmas break. let me tell you, it is not my first choice but i have to have part of my paper written before school starts next semester. ugh. 
this picture actually looks super creepy. whoops...haha.

so i am taking a break from researching in order to word vomit. thanks for reading it.

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