Saturday, December 1, 2012

christmas party...then a super blunder

i don't know if i have said this or not, but i am a resident assistant. i love living in the dorms, and i love interacting with people. i am a super extrovert so it makes sense that my job is to sit and talk and connect with people.

anywho, last night i hosted a christmas party for my unit. 

we had a great time eating home cooked food, decorating christmas cards for cancer patients, playing silly christmas games, and just enjoying each others company.

i am so thankful for my unit, and that i get to hang out with such cool people. being a senior, all i can think about is how this will be the last time that i get to experience living in a dorm and being down the hall from my friends. in may, we will probably be all over the country and we will have to be super intentional about staying in each other's lives.

anywho...enough lamenting from me.

so the party was at my grandpa and grandma's house. they are super awesome people and they let their granddaughter host all kinds of events in their house because they have the perfect party room. run on sentence...yes i know.

as you can see my grandma has the room all decorated for christmas. below are two of my favorite decorations from her house. the ornament i love because my mom has the same one. we put it on the christmas tree every year. i remember my mom telling me as a little girl why we put the ornament on the front of the tree so that we remember that jesus is the reason for christmas, not presents. the other decoration is this super awesome santa and reindeer decoration from the 60s that i think is just super cute.

so i haven't addressed the second part of the title, well here it is. my fiance and i got a camera together this semester. he's an art student so he will use it for classes and for future projects. and,  i just really love to take pictures. 

i am still very much learning the camera. so i started taking pictures last night and i could tell that there were some settings that were really off. so i adjusted them the best that i knew how. i thought that i had gotten all of it taken care of. but when i got back last night to edit my pictures almost all of the pictures were horribly blurry.

i had forgotten to take it off the setting that my fiance uses for his photography i had taken a crap ton of crappy pictures,  leaving me with like 10 good ones.

o well, life is full of mistakes. i just need to remember to learn from them.

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