Thursday, November 29, 2012

be still

so after taking a nice long break from blogging (yes, i know that i have only posted one blog), i have decided to return to the blogging world.

this semester has been so crazy. people kept telling me that senior year is going to be crazy, but i didn't believe them. i mean if time management were a class, then i would have a an A++, but alas, i am two weeks away from finishing my first semester of senior year and i am just now writing my second blog. woops.

i am the type of person who thrives on being busy. i do not like to sit down and just be, especially by myself. i am too extroverted to be by myself for so long. i was reading my Bible and the book Jesus Calling a couple of weeks ago and i felt God calling me to change my ways. i honestly believe i heard him say,

"dana, be still, and know that I am God."

i promise you folks, that i was not reading the psalms  46:10. but it really made me think. why do i love to be so busy? in all the busyness, i drown out what it is that God is trying to tell me. i sit and i talk and talk and talk, and give two seconds for God to respond and if He doesn't then i just go to people to try and find the answers.

how stinkin' silly am i?

i need to be still.

God is going to meet me where i am, if i just give Him the time.

those are just my thoughts for this day.

different subject now. if any of you were wondering what a desk of a senior looks like. here it is. notice the giant starbucks coffee that i need to get through the day along with all the lists, books, nail polish (because every girl must have their nails painted in order to get their homework done), some super big bling, and of course...two advil.

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