Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a story about a girl

as i mentioned in my last post, i am going to share where my love for adoption began to take root in my heart. snuggle up with your favorite warm drink on this frigid Indiana day and let me tell you a story.

in 2010, i had the opportunity to accomplish a dream of mine. i was able to go to a place that i had this weird love connection. what place you might ask?


i don't know how it happend but through books and lots of research, i had developed a love for russia and her culture. since the eighth grade, i had been praying for russia and for an opportunity to go to russia.

naturally, when i found out that my college was taking a short term mission trip to run a day camp, i jumped all over it. i was so excited because i know God was allowing me to finally go to this place that i had dreamed of for years.

while preparing for the trip, i felt God beginning to prepare my heart for what lie before me.

as we were on the plane to russia, all i could do was pray and thank God for the opportunity to go.

while there, i fell in love even more. i loved walking around the town and hearing the beauty of the russian language. i loved riding the bus and just watching the people interact and seeing the beauty of a russian city. the rich history in the city was amazing, basically, i loved russia.

what i found most beautiful was the church where we were at. the church members were so committed. they inspired me.

i was especially inspired by the women of the church.

the women of the church see how their culture is and desperately want to change it. while most families in russia are only having one child, families in the church are having larger families. in addition to naturally having children, they are adopting.

families are seeing a need and finding a way to come along their neighbors in a very real way by showing them the need for adopting. instead of just talking about adoption they are also putting into practice what they are telling others.

this faith in action helped my own faith in so many ways. in addition to this, God placed on my heart the beauty of adopting.

since that summer, adoption has a soft spot in my heart.

more to come as to how God is using my love for adoption, while i am finishing my last semester at school.

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