Thursday, October 3, 2013

my seester....the one that is a tidbit older than i am.

So, yesterday was my sister's birthday. (Sorry Lynn, I meant to do this yesterday).

In honor of her, I thought I would share about my big sister and what she means to me.

Since, I was a little girl, my sister has been one of my role models. I remember us playing school as little girls, and she would always be the teacher and boss me around. I remember during junior high, when she was in high school, she was my only true and best friend. I remember that we would go shopping together, do our hair together, and just hang out.

When Lynn left for college, I visited her at school and would spend the night with her. I thought I was so cool because my sister loved me enough, a high schooler, to let me come visit her every week, multiple times a week.

Since we were little, she has been my play mate, my shopping buddy, my workout partner, and so much best friend.

I love you beautiful sister! Happy belated birthday!!

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