Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Street Family

Walking in to the home of Brian and Rebecca Street, there is love in the air. It is almost palpable how much love is in the home.

The Streets love God, love each other, and love their children.

Because love is the common thread in their lives, Brian and Rebecca are eager to share their story.

Through their church and opening their home to a teenager, God worked in the hearts of Brian and Rebecca. This was a difficult thing to do for the couple, but through the process God opened their eyes to fostering children.

In very little time, the Streets had gotten all the licenses they needed and were hoping to foster a little girl. They came shy of licensing to be considered for this little girl’s placement.

They were very discouraged and thought that God had called them to open their home to this little girl. All the steps that they needed to go through were done in a very short time, yet they weren’t able to be a part of this little girl’s life.

Little did they know that they were in for a huge change in their lives.

Brian and Rebecca received a profile for three brothers. They were thrilled at this and thought this was it. They went to a group interview then interviewed individually. They were very encouraged and waited in anticipation to get the call that they could pick up the boys.

When the Streets didn’t hear from DCS after a week, they called and asked what was up. They found out that another family was chosen.

They were heartbroken.

Then, God moved in amazing ways.

The family that was chosen had been with the boys for a weekend then said that they needed time to think about bringing the boys into their home. Brian and Rebecca were then contacted to foster the boys in the meantime. 

Once the boys were in their home, Brian and Rebecca knew that they were never leaving.  After six months of fostering the boys, Brian and Rebecca were able to adopt them and the three brothers became their beloved sons.

In addition to having their sons, the Streets are continuing to foster other children. They love it! They know that no matter how long or short a child is in their home, God will use the experience in amazing ways for that child.

The Streets have become advocates for fostering. This is their calling and they are obeying God’s call in their life.

“There is a huge need in the U.S. for the children in the foster system,” says Rebecca. “It is a calling and if people hear the call to become foster parents then they need to listen and act.”

Adopting through the fostering is very inexpensive and helps the need that is here in United States.

Rebecca remembers that she was scared to foster because of how daunting it is and was afraid of the issues that the children might have coming from such horrific backgrounds, but God takes care of it and is always on her side.

The Streets are very passionate about fostering and want to encourage others to consider fostering because there is such a need for loving families to be advocates for the children in the foster system.

“I can’t imagine not fostering for the rest of our lives,” comments Rebecca with a smile on her face.

Brian, then, says, “It is the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating...awesome experience.”


Susan Street said...

So very proud of the way God has worked and continues to work in their lives. We love our kids and precious grandchildren and are so glad that God brought all of them into our lives.

Elyse Ted said...

What a beautiful tale of love and family! Have you ever thought of being a foster parent? If so, learn more about what it takes at