Monday, March 11, 2013

the happenings of my not so exciting life.

this is what i had to leave to come back home

so today was the first day back from spring break.

before i begin this rant, let us first take a moment to appreciate the fact that IU has won the big ten conference for the season! woot woot! way to go hoosiers!

back to my day.

normally this day is dreadful, because who really loves coming back from a beautiful climate to snow. but not this time, no this time it was in the 60s and beautiful. indiana must have missed me as much as i missed it.

so on to my day. it was great. i was able to hit the snooze button and not be late to anything. so i woke up feeling refreshed. then i got to see my mama briefly, and who doesn't love seeing their mama!

class, was class as usually. but me being the nerd, i, of course, loved it.

this afternoon, i had a kick butt workout. i was in beast mode. my arms are going to kill tomorrow but bring on the pain! i want to have not so flabby arms for the wedding hehehe.

then i got to spend some time with my best friend, the fiance. we haven't had any alone time since being before break (we were not together over break). so some quality time was greatly needed.

then meetings with some of my fave people, my staff. then i got to catch up with one of my best girl friends, evelyn. she's awesome, everyone needs to know that. i love catching up with that girl. but we had to stop talking because we both have lots of homework. i was going to try and take a picture of us doing homework, but i got too involved with my work. oh well.

after hours of doing homework and snacking on ramen noodles and sipping my fave blueberry tea, i would say that today has been an alright day.

not too shabby for the first day back to school.

yes, i like to rock the side pony and yes, i know that ramen noodles might be the least healthiest foods to eat. but i only indulge every once in a while. what it really is is that i think it will taste good, so i get them take a few bites and remember why they are not a staple in my diet. yuck. yet i still remain to eat them every once in a blue moon, go figure. 

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