Wednesday, March 20, 2013

getting hit by a bus.

sit back and relax, grab your favorite mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. i am going to tell you a story of how God once again spoke peace into my life.

this right here is my fave mug

as you might remember from my post last week. spring break has come and gone. thus, the question that i keep hearing time and time again, is "what are you doing after college, with the exception of getting married?"

my response to this question...."i don't know."

which for a planner like me is the scariest thing to say. my future is truly out of my hands. at time i feel helpless and hopeless about what i am supposed to do in my future. yet, in this abyss of nothingness, i can truly reach out to God and seek His will in my life.

on thursday of last week, i was sitting down in my hall's chapel, begging God for some help. i kept asking question after question about where i am supposed to be and what i am supposed to do after graduation. i was in a desperate state of just wanting a glimpse of the future. then i heard Him. i heard God saying,

"dana, relax. i have got this. just wait on me and trust me. i have a plan for you, but i need you to wait."

wow. what a humbling moment to realize how out of control i am in regards to my future. humbling, yet so rewarding for me.

so i went on with my weekend, and again was asked the question, "what are you doing after college?" this time i responded with a much more confident, "i don't know, but i am trusting God."

because i know that my father loves me, and has a grand plan for my life. in the depth of my heart, i feel that God is planning something far bigger than i can even imagine right now. it's scary, yet really cool at the same time.

yesterday, the Red Bus Project came to my school. i was super pumped about it because i had heard of what this organization is all about. check out the link for sure. but what it is a migrating thrift store that goes from college campus to college campus. all proceeds go to grants for families who are adopting, which is totally awesome!!

one of the guys who started the Red Bus Project came to one of my classes to talk about adoption and the Red Bus Project. and what happened? God used him to speak into my life once more.

as he was speaking, the tears just poured down my face. God was meeting in class to reinforce His call in my life. this call to help families who are adopting. yet this time, He asked me to go one step further. this time he said, "dana, not only tell a story, but help this family raise money. plan a fundraiser for this family."

i had to take a step back and take a breath. but i have this fire in my soul to help families. i love when God meets me where i am and shows me what to do.

yet through all of this, i am being affirmed in what God has shown me. i need to make a career out of sharing adopting families stories and i need to help them fundraise.

it is so amazing how great God is to us, His children.

now, please bear with me as i get on my soapbox for just a minute.

i would like to share with you some facts.

currently, there are over 140 million orphans in the world right now. this number is staggering. hearing this brings tears to my life. every 18 seconds one child becomes an orphan.

if 7% of the 2 billion Christians were to take action and adopt orphans, there would not be the orphan crisis that there is today.

only 7% ...what? seriously?

i heard this and now more than ever, i have a renewed spirit. i no longer want to be silent on this issue. it is time that we put our faith into action. if you have felt a calling in your life to adopt, take this a sign to seriously look into it. take it one step at a time. don't waste time because life is short and fragile.

ok, i step down.

in the upcoming days, i will be bringing to your computer a story of a family and a fundraiser. if you do not feel a calling in your life to adopt, then please at least begin to consider donating financially to a family who is adopting. for Jesus Christ commands us to take care of the widows and orphans in James 1:27.

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Ami said...

I love you, Dana!! I can't wait to see how God will use you for His glory. :) Ami